Kaleidoscope Boy

A beautiful boy, his mom, and the many colours of ADHD.

Soooooo sooooo tired

I’m tired.  Exhausted.  Even though I am not really overworked these days.

Just bone tired.

OK.  Maybe not tired so much as… done.   Continue reading “Soooooo sooooo tired”


Ho ho ho

We made it through the holidays, yaaay!

This year we went to M’s family, they are wonderful, kind and jolly people and I’m always so happy to see them.  After a few days, I’m happy to see the back of them.   Continue reading “Ho ho ho”


I haven’t posted anything in a while because I have been much too tired to think about any of this, let alone put it into words. Continue reading “Surfacing”

Under the Bus

Regarding my previous post, hey, it worked!  I imagined terrible news, so the news I got came as a relief. Continue reading “Under the Bus”

Jinxed It

I was all set to write a post about how great B has been doing.  But then I made the mistake of saying that out loud – “B has been doing great!” – and so, of course, things went into the crapper.   Continue reading “Jinxed It”


It’s been a week since we got to the full prescribed dose of B’s medication (biphentin 30 mg).  I’m still collecting information about the effect it has.   Continue reading “Sleep”


I’ll admit it, I didn’t feel all that thankful this Thanksgiving.  (That’s a bit whiney, but oh well.) Continue reading “Thanksgiving”

Message in a Bottle

So I’m starting a blog.  Apparently.

It is not something I ever thought I’d do, since you would think the Internet would be full by now… but I couldn’t find the blog I was looking for, so I’m making it myself.   Continue reading “Message in a Bottle”

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